Pentrich, St Matthew

Pentrich, St Matthew

Pentrich is an important place in the early history of the Industrial Revolution, the 'Pentrich Revolution' being the last revolution in England resulting from the introduction of mechanised textile machinery. Find out about this and the church's part in this important event as you visit St Matthew's Church and the village.

The church has been at the heart of Pentrich since the early 12th century, and its architecture reflects the rise and fall in the fortunes of the village. Whilst much of the Norman building remains, the changes over the years are clear. Of interest are the ancient font, stained glass and a Victorian fresco.

Visit the church to find a place where God has been worshipped for nine centuries to discover the peace, tranquillity and sense of purpose that this place of prayer has brought, and still brings, into the lives of those who worship and pray in this place.

Please note that one access (public footpath) has steep uneven steps.  Enter the churchyard through the lych gate along sloping path for easier access.

Window, Petrich
Memorial Windown, Pentrich
Interior, St Matthew, Pentrich
Interior, St Matthew, Pentrich


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