Derbyshire is a stunning county, with wonderful countryside and welcoming communities.

Whatever the reason for your visit - history or holiday, gruelling hike or gentle stroll - you will find something to satisfy and something to surprise.

Wherever you go - in village or town, suburb or city - you will find a Parish Church at the heart of things.

Use this website to plan your visits to these fascinating historical and spiritual buildings. Once you've found locations close by you can filter your selections by features such as special stained glass or architecture or by the facilities available. So whether you're planning an historical exploration or just seeking a moment of quiet in a peaceful environment we look forward to welcoming you to a church in Derbyshire.


Featured Event

10am - 3pm (or however long you wish to stay)

An invitation to spend time in quiet meditation and prayer. Sit and enjoy the peace of the church, or in the quiet of the country churchyard. Maybe walk across the fields, or around the quiet lanes of the village.

Refreshments and lunch provided (£5 contribution).

To book contact Jo Ewing on 01889 562556 or email

Quiet Saturday
Somersal Herbert, St Peter & St Blaise
01 August - 01 August 2015